Charities we support

It is core to our purpose to teach our young people about the Common Good and encourage them to adopt a healthy approach to charitable giving.

The spiritual approach followed by the school is one of its strengths. The focus is ‘to make good informed choices’ and this is shared with young people in a way that they engage in, identify with and understand. Ofsted (November 2017)

The Kisoboka Trust

St Edward’s School raises funds for the Kisoboka Trust, a small charity based in Hampshire. The Trust helps the Notre Dame High School in Masaka, Uganda by designing and funding engineering and building projects to directly improve children’s basic living facilities while they are at the school. To date we have raised more than £4000 for the Trust.

Construction at Notre Dame School in Uganda


In early Autumn 2017, our combined efforts realised in excess of £1000 to help alleviate distress and loss for people caught up in natural catastrophes in South America and Bangladesh.

Poitiers Care

In December 2017, pupils, parents, carers, staff and supporters collected a huge volume of toiletries and other consumables – toilet rolls, nappies, baby wipes, sanitary products, soaps, shampoos, etc – to aid and assist at-risk individuals and families across the Southampton district. In addition, our Christmas Melchet Market raised over £500 for the Poitiers Care charity to put to good used for the same group of families.