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Therapeutic Services

The Therapeutic Services team provides specialised emotional and therapeutic support to pupils. One to one sessions include Anger Management, Emotional Literacy and Therapeutic Counselling using the Arts.

The Therapeutic Services staff team are employed full-time at St Edward’s and all are familiar faces around School. This means that pupils often find it easier to engage in sessions, as opposed to when such support is being provided by an external agency.

Pupils can begin to access this support via a number of routes. Most boys request to start sessions themselves following peer recommendations.

St Edward’s also benefits from the services of a consultant psychologist who makes regular visits to the School.

Very importantly pupil’s problems and difficulties are listened to and they are given support to find a solution or a better way of coping with difficulties.

We frequently listen to what pupils have to say about Therapeutic Services as this can help us improve what we offer.

Some recent pupil observations:

‘I like having the music on while we work, and being allowed to get up and walk around, or act, because I really struggle with sitting down’.

‘Maybe we could have some group sessions every now and then, as well as our 1:1 sessions?’

‘It has been good because it helps me to control my anger when people wind me up in class and in the Year group’

‘It has helped me – I don’t get so frustrated by other people’

‘It’s nice to talk to someone about things that other people don’t understand’.

‘It’s helped me when people try to wind me up by calling me names’

‘It’s helping me to stop punching people and to stop swearing’

‘I think that it has helped me lots to keep my placement – to calm me down. I’ve used Lou and Kaz to tell people how I feel when I can’t’

‘It helps when I have someone to talk to about my anger’

‘I can now walk away’

‘It has helped me in a lot of situations, in and out of School, when I or someone else is angry’

‘I can talk to people, rather than ‘shutdown’’’.