Daily living

The structure of our school week enables boys to enjoy a healthy balance between learning and living, with valuable direction on how best to use recreation time. We ensure a full 24 hours of allocated learning time is provided every week. Each lesson is followed by a short break, with a dedicated daily allocation of time for literacy work, which we call BOOSTER.


Catering is provided in two dining rooms. There is always a choice of dishes and, on occasion, themed meals at lunch time. We do our best to cater for young people with specific food needs.

Evening Activities

For pupils who reside in school during the week, an evening activity programme offers a wide choice, with many sporting and other options available.


Residential pupils gather in their respective year group areas for the later part of each evening. Suppers are provided and bed times vary according to pupils’ ages. Residents’ accommodation is homely and comfortable, with shared sitting rooms and modern communal kitchens.