Student council

Through the Student Council, boys are able to

  • develop leadership and communication skills
  • help foster a spirit of pride
  • build supportive working relationships with each other and the staff team
  • represent and express the personal views and interests of their peers to the benefit of the wider school community.
  • develop a practical understanding of the Common Good.

Pupil voice is strong and effective. Recent achievements include changes to the menu and the addition of water fountains. The student council is involved in a community project planting trees, aimed at reducing their carbon footprint. This is an excellent example of cross-curricular learning.

Ofsted (June 2019)

Our Student Council provides opportunities for boys to learn about effective self-government, develop good communication skills and take responsibility for social and community development.

The Student Council is made up of elected members from each of our three year groups – Middle, Senior and Day School. Membership is based on a model of proportional representation.

Councillors meet at least once each half term, under the guidance of a facilitator, to consider issues raised by their peers. Councillors are expected to assume a responsible role in support of their peers throughout the school day. The Council looks at everyday aspects of the life of the school. It might also take on significant projects to bring about lasting improvement to the school – for example, there is a current initiative to develop the school’s motor-cycling workshop facility. The Council is also invited, on regular occasions, to consider how best to allocate donations to the school; sometimes these may be channelled into a school-based enterprise, while at other times the Council may consider forwarding the donation for the benefit of charity groups operating in a wider context for the good of a community.

Membership of the Student Council is a sought after aspiration, common to very many pupils at St Edward’s. It promotes a ‘sense of belonging’ that we hope each boy shares with us. The positive contributions made by pupils serving the School Council are recognised and celebrated by all those involved with St Edward’s and are rightly considered a vibrant and successful aspect of our community.