Anger Management

Our Anger Management offers support to pupils who have identified problems managing their anger.

We guide and education pupils that healthy expression of anger is vital. However, we stress that expression of anger through violence or aggression is not acceptable. We explore and discuss different strategies and options to enable pupils to cope with their frustrations and anger in a more socially acceptable manner. The programme is highly individualised – it does not follow a specific structure but is delivered according to pupils’ individual needs in terms of pace, content and comprehension.

It is not a ‘short fix’ intervention. Success is dependent on a long term voluntary commitment from the pupil, working with their Anger Management Coach to form a positive and trusting relationship. It is this relationship that can facilitate the most effective intervention in terms of making changes to aggressive or violent behaviours that they have relied on in the past.

Anger Management at St Edward’s has long proved to be a very successful intervention; however it has been most effective for those pupils who have held a strong desire to make changes to their learnt behaviours.

Anger Education is shared with pupils in one-to-one meetings, through worksheets, educational board games and discussions.
We cover a vast array of topics including;

  • Raising awareness of anger triggers and anger style
  • The ‘warning sign’ of excessive and uncontrollable anger
  • The implications of anger on relationships
  • Anger and the Law
  • The neurobiology of rage and teenage brain development
  • Calming strategies for home, the classroom and social settings
  • Ways to safely release tension in the body caused by frustration, anger and rage