If a pupil if identified as being involved in incidents of bullying they are referred for support to address and overcome these cycles of behaviour.

We have facilitated group anti-bullying workshops, as well as individual, more specific support.

Interventions aim to educate pupils on the impact of their actions

We discuss different forms of bullying, the cycle of bullying and ways in which bullying can be addressed. We seek to educate pupils on the roles of the victim and the bully, and how to free themselves from these cycles.

Education is vital, we clearly explain how ‘banter’ can easily become bullying, and will not be tolerated.

We have various systems in place at School to ensure that bullying is not a common activity, including a confidential ‘Red Box’ where pupils can report incidents, if they feel unable to talk about their concerns.

We judge each referral independently and seek to provide the most appropriate level of support – this may be one session with a pupil, or a more intensive course of sessions addressing the issue.