The Coach House Centre

We have recently been fortunate enough to build three new, bespoke therapy rooms in the Coach House department.

There has been an extremely positive and enthusiastic response from pupils and staff alike to these new rooms; which has made a huge difference to the comfort and consequently the effectiveness of the sessions we can now deliver.

Our Rooms

The Long Coach House

This is a warm and welcoming multipurpose therapy room. It contains; an extensive collection of sandtray symbols along with two sandtrays, an array of art materials, a model castle, and lots more play materials. In addition there is a sofa area and of course infamous Garfield.

The Cosy Coach House

This room is nestled away and aims to provide a warm and comforting therapy space. There is a comfortable sofa, plenty of blankets and cushions, as well as soft play materials and a blackout tent – perfect for den building. We have included soft lighting and a sensory bubble machine.

The Blue Coach House

This room is aimed to provide pupils with the opportunity to fully express themselves through the medium of art. There is plenty of paint, clay, water, sand, and various other art materials available for pupils to use in a room specifically designed for artistic expression!

The Big Coach House

This room is designed to be multifunctional, providing a large space for meetings and staff training, as well being a room for pupils to use. Pupil use will include; group sessions, PSHE drugs and alcohol sessions as well as a large space enabling movement, yoga and group mindfulness.