Drugs, Alcohol and Solvent Awareness

This service forms part of the PSHE programme for Year 10 pupils:

  • Pupils are provided with relevant information aiming to increase their awareness with regard to the issues surrounding drugs and alcohol.
  • Pupils engage in group discussions and participate in practical learning.
  • Pupils are provided with handouts for their input and views. These handouts form part of their individual folders, along with additional educational information.
  • Pupils obtain a certificate in basic first aid awareness and casualty care.

The topics covered include:

  • Real life accounts / experiences of drugs, alcohol and solvent use
  • Pupils’ experiences of drugs, alcohol and solvent use
  • Different types of drugs; how they are made, what they contain, effects and risks
  • The law on drugs
  • Addiction
  • Precautionary measures
  • Additional help / advice available
  • Emergency procedures and basic first aid awareness

We are also able to offer 1:1 meetings for pupils who may be causing concern with regard to their involvement with drugs and alcohol.