Meet the Team

The Therapeutic Services staff team are employed full-time at St Edward’s and all are familiar faces around School. This means that pupils often find it easier to engage in sessions, as opposed to when such support is being provided by an external agency.

Louise Bartel


MA in Transpersonal Child, Adolescent and Family Psychotherapy (CCPE), Diploma in Sandplay Studies, Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling with Adolescents Using the Arts (IATE), Certificate in Therapeutic Counselling for Adolescents, Transactional Analysis 101 Certificate, Introduction to Counselling Skills, Diploma in Anger Management, Child Development Open University Course, Reality Therapy Basic Training, BSc (Hons) Applied Psychology and Computing

Therapeutic Services Manager

Louise has been working in BESD Schools since 2002, in a variety of roles, both in Social Care and Education. She developed the provision of therapeutic support at St Edward’s School, following an identified need to provide in house support for pupils in managing their anger. This department has grown from strength to strength and is now an integral part of support on offer to pupils, and families, at St Edward’s School.

Louise has made presentations to national and regional conferences for the Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties Association (SEBDA), ‘engage in their future’ (formerly the National Association of BESD Schools), Centre for Child Mental Health and Team Teach, as well as leading a training day on ‘Working with troubled teenagers’ to other professionals working in the field. Louise has also contributed a chapter to Margot Sunderland’s book ‘Helping Teenagers with Anger and Low Self-Esteem’, published in May 2012.

Louise is on the BACP Register of counsellors and psychotherapists.

BACP Registration

Kaz Watts


Current Training; Mindfulness based CBT Advanced Diploma

Previous Qualifications; NVQ III Caring for Children and Young People: Anger Management Professional Coaching & Consultancy Level 5 (ncfe); ABC Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Concepts (QCA); Reality Therapy Basic Training; Diploma in Anger Management (Open College of Complimentary Health Therapies); Anger and Aggression Management (SAC Cert).

Anger Management Consultant

Kaz has been working in child care for 16 years, following a legal background as a PA in Family law. Roles have included keyworking and working in residential units for adolescent boys, with emotional and behavioural difficulties, aged 10 – 18.

Kaz has worked in the Therapeutic Services Team since 2008.

Mike Hurd


Drug, Alcohol and Solvent Abuse Counselling, Level 4, Certificate in Counselling Concepts, Diploma in Anger Management, Reality Therapy Basic Training.

Anger Management Coach, Drugs, Alcohol and Solvent Abuse Advisor

Mike has worked in sport instruction/education for over 20 years, working with schools, Youth clubs, YOT, physically and mentally disabled children and adults.

Mike joined St Edward’s in 2005?, working as a member of the Care Team for 6 years. He then transferred to the Therapeutic Services Team in 2011, delivering Anger Management sessions as well as supporting pupils with any difficulties surrounding the use of drugs and alcohol. Mike also delivers a programme of drugs awareness to all Year 10 pupils as part of the PSHE programme.

Helena Dolphin


Diploma in Child Psychotherapeutic Counselling (IATE), Certificate in Child Counselling (IATE), BSc Criminology and Criminal Justice.

Child Psychotherapeutic Counsellor

Prior to Helena’s counselling and psychotherapy training she worked in a therapeutic residential children’s home for boys and girls for six years. She also spent one year working in Malawi with refugees and child soldiers.

Helena is on the BACP register of counsellors and psychotherapists.